Expected results

The main results expected from the projects are:

  • Implementation of 43 pilot forest plots for demonstration (228 ha in 4 different areas) for demonstration and transfer of innovative forestry techniques to main local stakeholders (forest owners, managers, administration and cork industry) and other actors of the cork oak European sector (Portugal, France and Italy).
  • Introduction and promotion of the use of these models and techniques by forest owners and managers on a large scale. Impact on at least 350 stakeholders.
  • Development of 5 management tools and decision-making for adaptation to climate change: 3 models of vulnerability; 1 memorandum with aspects of policy to modify; 1 guide with technical recommendations for adapting to climate change.
  • To provide Forest Administration and private users of tools to support decision-making to enhance adaptation to climate change in forest policy and specifically by the cork oak groves.
  • Adaptation of the regulations and plans at regional level with an impact on the management of cork oak groves to promote adaptation to climate change in the cork sector.
  • Increase the level of knowledge and awareness of the general public and European actors on the treated problem and the solutions provided by the project.