Action areas

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In Catalonia, it is considered four broad areas of cork oak with different ecological characteristics that cover the range of environmental conditions of the Catalan cork oak grove:

  • Alt Empordà: fresh climate and moderately rainy. Area of strong winds, frequent Large forest fires (LFF). Variable affectation of Coroebus undatus, linked to the altitudinal gradient.
  • Gavarres: mild or warm climate, drier summer. Maritime influence, higher in the main coastal strip. Increased incidence of Coroebus undatus.
  • Montseny-Guilleries: relatively cool and rainy climate. Higher altitude. Incidence of Coroebus undatus linked altitudinal gradient.
  • Montnegre-Corredor: warm and rainy weather climate. High humidity and strong maritime influence. Variable incidence of Coroebus undatus, generally high.

In each of the 4 large defined areas, are located 7 demonstration plots of the LIFE + SUBER, 4 as a high station and 3 as a low station. In each stands are implemented different innovative treatments.