Project actions

Preparatory actions

A1. Meetings with owners and signature of agreements for areas of demonstrative forestry

A2. Meetings with owners and signature of agreements for mass trapping demonstration areas of Coroebus undatus

A3. Diagnosis of the areas with forestry demonstration, drafting document of the technical conditions of the forestry treatments and transact licenses


Implementation actions

B1. Management models to improve de vitality and production of Quercus suber.

B2. Management models to improve resilience to forest fires in Quercus suber forests.

B3. Management models for the restoration of degraded cork oak grove.

B4. Implementation of the biorracional populations’ control of Coroebus undatus, full scale in Catalonia.

B5. Tools to integrate the adaptation to climate change in forest policy and in Catalan cork subsector regulations.


Follow-up actions

C1. Creation and workings of the Committee of Experts

C2. Technical monitoring of the implementation of forestry management models

C3. Technical monitoring of the implementation of the biorracional control of Coroebus undatus

C4. Evaluation of the socio-economic impact of the project


Communication and dissemination actions

D1. Design of the corporate image and the communication plan, and design and update of the web page of the Project

D2. Editing promotional material of the Project for the general public

D3. Setting-up of informative panels

D4. Organization of Days of technology transfer and technical visits

D5. Editing technical documents to transfer knowledge

D6. Editing an informative video of the Project

D7. Common event with wine sector

D8. Technical communications at seminars, sectorial conferences and papers

D9. Preparation of the informative report (layman’s report)

D10. Communication and dissemination to the press


Management and monitoring actions

E1. Management and coordination of the Project

E2. Administrative and financial coordination

E3. Project coordination meetings

E4. External Audit

E5. Networking with other European regions

E6. Preparation of the report “After LIFE Communication Plan”


Project start: 01/07/2014

End of Project: 30/06/2018